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Gorgeous classic brick & beam professional office building in historic downtown Wenatchee, WA. Restored hardwood flooring and exposed pipes & duct-work contrasting modern lighting, clean natural hemlock casing & trim work accentuated by glass doors and re-lights throughout office spaces and hallways creates a stylish retro industrial/warehouse look, Bldg. Amenities: Fiber-optic internet service, secured entrances, abundant street parking as well as private secured parking, spacious and luxurious common restrooms, decorative hallways & stairwells, access and utility of two elevators, loading dock, expressive landscape, an exterior courtyard with water feature, all well-lit and professionally maintained. The building has three different fiber drops as well as a comm room on each floor which means you will have access to some of the fastest internet in Wenatchee


Suite 102 - 2,690 Sq Ft
Suite 104 - 550 Sq Ft
Suite 200 - 4,914 Sq Ft
Suite 201 - 565 Sq Ft
Suite 203A -  625 Sq Ft

Suite 207 - 1,327 Sq Ft
Suite 300 - 4,880 Sq Ft
Suite 301 - 1,391 Sq Ft
Suite 302 - 1,431 Sq Ft

  Building Conference Room NOW available for meeting rentals. 

We also have available Storage Units for additional space.

Office Space for LeaseOffice Space for Lease Wenatchee | Hamilton Investment Group | United States Wenatchee | Hamilton Investment Group | United States

Office Space for Lease Wenatchee

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